About Me

Hello! My name is Eric and I’m completely new to blogging. I have set this blog up to showcase some of my interests and to find and connect with like minded individuals.

I have a Nikon D5200 camera that i should be using more often. I have quite an extensive background with photography, but have been inactive for a long time. Looking forward to getting back into the hobby.

Last fall I bought an Old Town Camden 120 Angler kayak and couldn’t be happier with the purchase! Although, I have only been out three or four times since I bought it, I know I made the right decision with that purchase. The seat is absolutely amazing! I graduated from an 8 foot Clear Water Design kayak. While functional, I found the seat to be completely uncomfortable, and the inability to move my feet lead to my ass falling asleep in a matter of minutes. It was all I could do to kayak for a half hour (boots off). NOT ANY MORE!

Scotch… Wow!… I have a “decent” scotch collection… Probably better than most, but by no means epic… I’m probably sitting on a dozen, maybe 15 different bottles of single malts… I’m also a fan of Bourbon and Irish Whiskeys also… Cognac and Rum are also on the list. I’m continuously adding to the collection. Stop in again to see what I’ll add next!

Cigars… Well, while not a connoisseur by any means… I sure do love a good cigar. Before I started to collect Scotch and Whiskey, i thought about collecting cigars. After a reasonable amount of thought, I decided that collecting cigars was a bad choice for me. I’m not one for maintenance and upkeep, so a humidor was out of the question. Now I just buy, occasionally, a couple cigars on an “as needed” basis.

And finally… Last but certainly not least, bar-b-cue… I started with what we call an ECB… “El Cheepo Brinkman”. Do yourself a favor… never buy one of these… Specially if you plan on doing this more than once. While they will “smoke” meat… they are terrible at maintaining a consistent temperature. I tried to smoke everything on it… Shoulders, ribs, brisket… all came out terrible. After a few trial and errors, I took the plunge and bought a Weber Smokey Mountain 22 1/2″… I couldn’t be happier! Easy to adjust/ maintain temperature, and long 12 hour burns. Cost me a few bucks, but so worth it in the end. This summer I plan on trying “open pit” style bar-b-cue… stay tuned to see how I make out with that!


8 comments on “About Me

  1. Nice to meet you, Eric! Photography, fishing, cigars, barbecue: you’re singing my song!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s still winter here in the northeast… I don’t have my barbecue up and running yet, but as soon as the weather clears… I’m all over it! I have plans on making/ smoking bacon soon… Stay tuned!

    • Thank you for stopping by Diana… I haven’t had much time this summer to get out… I’m hoping to get out this weekend… I’ll be sure to bring my camera!

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